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Quick help

Menzel Elektromotoren very quickly supplied one of India's largest manufacturers of medical and industrial gases with a replacement motor.

Following the failure of a large compressor motor, which caused production losses, Menzel adapted a standard motor and delivered it within just three weeks of receiving the order. To ensure a smooth replacement, the mid-sized company performed various tasks: switching the motor windings to meet the required voltage level and cut-in criteria, fabricating an offset motor shaft for an oil press fit, and adding new foot mounting holes.

Menzel has an extensive inventory of large industrial motors, including several of its own series with very good power density and long life. For the current gas compressor, the manufacturer supplied a squirrel-cage motor from its MEBKSW series with the same characteristics as the failed motor: 630 mm size, 4.5 MW rated power, 11 kV rated voltage. The motor has IP 55 protection and features completely enclosed water-air cooling (cooling type IC 81W). The customer's test engineer took part in the final comprehensive motor tests in Menzel's in-house test field and was convinced of the full functionality of the motor.