Electric drives

Space and operating champions

Space and operating champions

Electric drives keep industry running across all sectors. The requirements in terms of installation space, performance, ease of use and, last but not least, economy are constantly increasing. With the EQFS/Y_H series, SMC shows how a solution can fulfil all these aspects at the same time: the controller is already integrated in the electric actuators in slide (EQFS_H series) and piston rod design (EQY_H series). The simple control system enables commissioning without programming knowledge. With the usual high performance, CO2 emissions are reduced thanks to increased efficiency.

Whether for positioning applications such as conveying and assembly or for pressurised applications such as dosing or clamping devices: There are virtually no limits to the design of electric drives. At the same time, users are looking for solutions that are as compact as possible and easy, safe and reliable to operate, combining high performance with efficiency and economy. With the new EQFS/Y_H series, SMC is now introducing the e-Actuator series, which combines all these features in a single solution. The combination of drive and controller results in more compact machines and eliminates the lack of space in control cabinets. Thanks to the simple installation and configuration via exclusive software, control is as easy as with an air cylinder with solenoid valve. While the drive achieves top values in terms of speed, payload and accuracy, CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 59 per cent at the same time thanks to improvements in the motor, control system and efficiency.

Combined simplicity

By integrating the controller into the electric drives in carriage (EQFS_H series) and piston rod design (EQY_H series), the cabling previously required is no longer necessary. This saves space and both installation and maintenance are quicker, easier and less prone to errors. The three metal connectors for the communication cable, the parallel I/O connection and the power supply also contribute to quick and easy installation. Signal lights in green (normal operation after switching on), red (alarm generation) and orange (overload status) provide immediate information on the operating status and thus ensure increased process reliability.

The three available operating modes (monostable/bistable mode and mode with closed centre position) can be set up in a few simple steps in no time at all and without any programming knowledge thanks to specially developed, user-friendly software: Users first select the operating mode. They then either set the intermediate position for the closed centre position mode or can directly determine the speed, acceleration and deceleration for the other two modes. The cycle time can also be set up in just two simple steps - all configurable via a single screen.

High performance with low consumption

The drives, available in sizes 25, 32 and 40 (EQFS_H series only), each have a maximum acceleration/deceleration of 10000 mm/s2 (horizontal) or 5000 mm/s2 (vertical), a maximum speed of 1200 mm/s (EQFS_H) or 900 mm/s (EQY_H) and a positioning accuracy of ±0.02 mm each. Supplemented by a backlash of max. 0.1 mm, a horizontal payload of up to 100 kg (EQY_H) or up to 80 kg (EQFS_H) and a vertical payload of up to
46 kg (EQY_H) or up to 40 kg (EQFS_H), they offer users the high performance they have come to expect from SMC.

At the same time, the automation specialist has focussed fully on energy efficiency during development: In addition to an optimised motor specification and a revised control method, overall improved efficiency results in both lower heat generation from the motor and reduced power consumption. The latter is a maximum of 116 W (EQFS_H, size 40) or
109 W (EQY_H, size 32) - with the optional motor brake, an additional 5 W is added in each case. Under ideal conditions, annual CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 59 per cent compared to the predecessor model. The integrated battery-free absolute encoder, which saves the current position in the event of a power failure and enables operation to be resumed without a reference run, also ensures energy-saving use.

Ideal for modernisation

Thanks to the same mounting dimensions, the new EQFS/Y_H series can easily replace the SMC actuators of the LEFS, LEFS_G, LEKFS and LEKFS_G series in slide design and the LEY and LEY_G series in piston rod design, thus enabling an operational update. Both versions can also be optionally equipped with an electronic signalling device. This allows users to query the position over the entire stroke - 50 to max. 1200 mm (EQFS_H) or 30 to max. 500 mm (EQY_H).