Linear technology

System solutions for intelligent automation and robotics

System solutions for intelligent automation and robotics

System solutions for intelligent automation and robotics

The companies Rollon and Nadella, which belong to the Timken Group, will be showing their linear technology products for intelligent automation and robotics at SPS - smart production solutions 2023 from 14 to 16 November. Visitors to the trade fair will thus have the opportunity to find out quickly and in detail about the comprehensive range of system solutions for linear technology in Hall 3, Stand 321.

In order to design handling systems, different specialist areas from the fields of mechanics, control technology and electrics must work closely together. This requires know-how and costs time. This can also be done more simply: in cooperation with a leading international German manufacturer in the field of drive and automation technology, Rollon has developed complete mechatronic packages. With easy-to-install plug-and-play solutions consisting of pre-configured three-axis gantries, time and costs are drastically reduced. The modular system of perfectly matched mechanical and electrical/electronic components ensures optimal adaptation to the respective application requirements.

Solutions for robotics

Rollon and Nadella's solutions are also ideal when it comes to traversing axes for robots. The transfer units move heavy loads over long distances with high dynamics and are absolutely reliable. Different drive and guide systems as well as protective devices are also available for industrial robots, covering almost all requirements and environmental conditions - from very dynamic and flexible to particularly clean and hygienic to extremely robust. Systems with rollers provide optimum protection against dirt and external influences and achieve excellent results in terms of higher efficiency, supply reliability, better availability and maximum precision.

Automation with multi-axis systems

Rollon and Nadella offer sophisticated solutions not only for robotics, but also for automation. For example, the innovative linear axes and multi-axis solutions are the means of choice especially for higher requirements in terms of dynamics, reach, load-bearing capacity and installation space. Whether it is a standard product or a customised solution: thanks to the well-founded technical expertise as well as the efficient production, Cartesian systems can be manufactured quickly. To illustrate this, a gantry system will be presented in Nuremberg.

Linear axes are the basis for the construction of highly efficient multi-axis systems. The telescopic linear axis system TLS has been developed in order to be able to integrate these even better in cramped installation situations. The 2- and 3-stage systems with combined rack and pinion and toothed belt drive enable long strokes of up to 3,000 mm even with limited ceiling height (vertical installation) or limited lateral installation space (horizontal installation). The linear axis system is available for loads up to 450 kg.

Linear technology and digitisation

The intelligent oval system iAXNR combines linear technology with sensors for monitoring vibration and temperature. These data are processed locally by an edge computing system. The collection and analysis of sensor data can help identify areas where performance can be improved and production processes optimised. Continuous measurement and processing of the data also makes proactive maintenance (predictive maintenance) easy to implement. Vibration monitoring makes it possible to check whether the carriages and/or the indexing system are working correctly. For this purpose, all information is recorded and stored. If abnormal vibrations occur, it is possible to react with changes to the settings or maintenance work to ensure optimal effectiveness of the equipment. The Smart System can also increase the level of safety for the working environment. Continuous monitoring of temperature also makes it easy to detect deviations from normal conditions and take action.

In addition to linear axes and multi-axis system solutions, precision ball screw exhibits such as the smart ball screw Iballscrew will also be on display in Nuremberg. This also has integrated sensors for monitoring vibration and temperature, enabling proactive maintenance.