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Universally applicable

Universally applicable

Universally applicable

Universally applicable

Just in time for Logimat, Framo Morat is expanding its highly integrated wheel hub drives (RNA) by another size and now offers the matching drive systems in addition to the NG250 and NG500 platform hub drives.

The RNA250 is suitable for smaller and flatter vehicles. In the common version with two-stage gearbox and an overall system length of less than 235 mm and a standard wheel size of 125 mm, it can cover up to 250 kg payload per wheel. In terms of compactness, the RNA500 with a total system length of less than 200 mm and a standard wheel size of 160 mm is also impressive. This is used in larger vehicles with a wheel load of up to 500 kg.

Efficient material flow or fully automated cleaning - driven by Framo Morat

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) or Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are the heart of an automated warehouse. Controlled by intelligent software and communication, they make material flows more efficient and contribute to a holistic optimization of the value chain. A key component in achieving these advantages of automated guided vehicles is the right traction drive.

Wheel hub drives from Framo Morat are used as travel units in a wide variety of intralogistics applications. The modular and scalable system is a real all-rounder and impresses in particular with its high and targeted performance in the tightest of installation spaces. The wheel hub drives are therefore predestined for use in other application areas that are currently undergoing sustainable automation. One of these segments is the cleaning industry. Fully automated service and cleaning robots are becoming increasingly present and important. Since these also have to find their way around their environment and move safely, the requirements for the drive units are very close to those of mobile robotics in intralogistics.

Both requirement profiles are met by the wheel hub drives from Framo Morat, which combine all functional elements, such as the PUR wheel, a high-precision planetary gearbox in 1- or 2-stage design, a high-performance BLDC motor, as well as holding brake and electronics in an all-inclusive solution. For example, the RNA250 wheel hub drives are used in the CR700 cleaning robot from Adlatus, which is characterized by a robust design and is geared for permanent loading.

Integrated system solutions for different requirements

The modular and scalable system of wheel hub drives comprises various designs with uniform installation space and identical load capacity. The "standard" design promises a tried-and-tested system that can be quickly and easily installed in vehicles by means of plug & play. Vehicle manufacturers thus have a system tailored to the application, resulting either in more compact vehicles with the same payload or in additional usable installation space for batteries and electronics.

There are also two expansion stages that successively extend the range of functions. The "Advanced" system enables intelligent control and evaluation of the systems thanks to the additional encoder and the integrated motor controller. The "Ultimate" expansion stage enables application-optimized operation through additional sensor technology and continuous data acquisition to improve the entire drive cycle.

Furthermore, adjustments can be made as required with regard to load, torque and interfaces. Thanks to the high in-house vertical range of manufacture for the transmission components, freedom in defining the motor, and the in-house assembly team, Framo Morat can also realize short delivery times for the wheel hub drives.

Standardized gear units from the modular system

In addition to the wheel hub drives, Framo Morat has the NG250 and NG500 platform hub gearboxes in its portfolio. For quick deployment, both hub gearboxes are available in 1- and 2-stage versions with PUR wheel. Standardized flanges allow common motors to be connected directly to the hub gears. This allows high flexibility and fast availability. Customer-specific adaptations, such as a brush seal for outdoor applications or a toothed belt for use in high-bay warehouses, can be implemented.

On the gearbox side, Framo Morat has achieved maximum power density with the hub gearboxes. Thanks to the advantageous arrangement of the separate wheel bearings and the integration of the planetary gear into the wheel, they are particularly suitable for use in wheel drives for automated guided vehicles. A prominent example, which was realized in a joint project with Dunkermotoren, is the Open Shuttle from Knapp, which is equipped with an NG500 hub gear in combination with the BG 75 BLDC motor with attached brake and two encoder systems.

Framo Morat at the Logimat

At Logimat, Framo Morat will present the complete range of drive components and systems for intralogistics at booth C02 in hall 6, in addition to the wheel hub gearboxes. A small excerpt of these are rotor shafts for electric motors of industrial trucks, gear motors of the Compacta series for gate drives in automated high-bay warehouses, planetary gear units for drum motors, worm gear screw jacks for crane and lifting vehicles, or customized drive systems for electric high-lift trucks based on the speeroX gearing developed in-house. A special trade fair highlight is the CR700 service robot equipped with the RNA250, which can be admired not only at Framo Morat's trade fair stand but also at Adlatus' stand B59 in Hall 10. The Open Shuttle from Knapp will be presented by Dunkermotoren at booth B09 in hall 7.