Servo amplifiers

For special application in hoists

For special application in hoists

Sieb & Meyer has developed a special function for the use of the SD3 in servo hoists: The servo amplifier now enables switching between torque and speed operation "on the fly". This control engineering challenge exists primarily in lifting systems for material handling, such as those used in the automotive industry.

"The SD3 has been used for several years in lifting systems from a renowned manufacturer and has proven itself very well there," explains Ralph Sawallisch, Key Account Manager Drive Electronics at Sieb & Meyer AG. "With the new function, we are responding specifically to a requirement that arises in a special application."

Specifically, it concerns a scenario in manufacturing in which a trolley rolls horizontally on a rail system. It transports a suspended load with variable weight - for example, a gearbox to be mounted on an engine block. The system automatically detects the moment when the two components meet, i.e. when the load encounters resistance. Now the trolley must come to a stop as gently as possible, but at the same time apply slight pressure so that the worker can screw the gearbox to the engine block. Once this is done, the load is released from the system and the resistance is suddenly no longer present.

The car then has a much lower mass, but should still accelerate as smoothly as possible back to the set speed. "The requirement is that the complete process runs automatically," says Ralph Sawallisch. "The new function makes this possible by allowing the transitions to be realised cleanly in terms of control technology."

The further development opens up new possibilities in an application where the SD3 already proves its multifunctionality: As an all-in-one solution, it fulfils the functions of a PLC, a servo amplifier and a digital and analogue I/O interface. This is the only way to continuously monitor and control the lifting loads and the up and down movements of the lifting systems. This is made possible by the open-source character of the SD3, which allows exceptional freedom in the creation of specially tailored functions by the system manufacturer. The Linux-based environment offers potentials that are not realisable in many other platforms. From a hardware perspective, option modules allow for further customisation and upgrades.

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