Highest economic efficiency in machining

Highest economic efficiency in machining

High metal removal rates, maximum process reliability and long tool life: The MultiEdge T90 PRO8 tangential indexable insert milling system from LMT Tools is designed to set standards in terms of performance and economy. An efficient partner for roughing and semi-finishing operations in steel, cast iron and stainless steels.

Anyone who wants to optimise the cost-effectiveness of their machining processes should pay attention to productivity in the overall process. Doubling the cutting speed has a direct effect on the machining time and thus enables cost savings of up to 44 percent. High-performance cutting tools that guarantee high metal removal rates and maximum process reliability are therefore the be-all and end-all. With the MultiEdge T90 PRO8, LMT Tools provides an efficient solution for corner milling operations.

High economic efficiency with maximum process reliability

The MultiEdge T90 PRO8 is a tangential insert milling system with a total of eight effectively usable cutting edges per insert. The cutting material, geometry and coating have been specially adapted for machining steel (ISO-P), cast iron (ISO-K) and stainless steels (ISO-M) and are designed for roughing and semi-finishing applications. The tangential mounting position of the inserts ensures a favourable ratio of contact area and clamping force, which guarantees maximum stability.

Absolute process reliability is ensured even at high metal removal rates. The ratio of tool diameter to number of teeth in combination with the high feed rates that can be realised enables enormous metal removal rates. As a result, considerably shorter cycle times are achieved, which significantly reduces the total process costs or cost per part. The high number of cutting edges per insert also contributes significantly to the economic efficiency of the milling system.

Perfect results in corner milling

The milling system includes carrier bodies in the range of 50 to 160 mm and directly pressed inserts with cutting depths of up to 10 mm. The innovative press-to-size process eliminates the need for grinding during production, thus reducing manual rework to a minimum. This keeps the costs per cutting edge low. Efficient, reliable and durable: Wherever corner milling operations need to be carried out quickly and reliably in general mechanical engineering, the MultiEdge T90 PRO8 is an optimal choice. Even under difficult conditions such as interrupted cutting, it delivers perfect results.

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