Power measurement on electric drives

Power measurement on electric drives

Power measurement on the electric drive is demanding and requires qualified personnel. HBK offers a comprehensive seminar programme that includes both general training courses on the electric drive train and product-specific training courses on all aspects of HBK's Electric Power Testing solutions.

Users can choose between the following offers:

Standard seminars

Measurement training in the classic seminar format with a high practical content. For the duration of the seminar, participants are guests at the HBK Academy in Darmstadt or enjoy online training conveniently at the location of their choice.

  • Understanding and analysing electrical machines
  • eDrive Testing solution for optimised testing of electrical drives
  • Working with the "Perception" measurement data acquisition and evaluation software
  • Perception V8 ePowerSuite

Individual seminars

The issues and solutions in Electric Power Testing could not be more different and usually vary significantly from customer to customer. Often, entire teams have to work on new tasks and are not yet familiar with the newly acquired equipment. Select your desired topics and the trainers of the HBK Academy will adapt the training to your application and the training needs of your employees. Of course, with maximum relevance to your measurement setup and time to answer your questions. The HBK team will agree the date, content and duration with you. The experts come directly to your premises and train up to eight employees. Everything from 1 hour is possible - online and offline.

  • Overview of the GEN DAQ eDrive Testing System
  • Configuration of the test bench
  • Recording of raw data
  • Sensor database
  • Basics of electric drives
  • Basics of power measurement with GHS
  • Post Process and RT formula editor

Interest aroused? Further information is available on the HBK Academy website:

  • Live Seminars at the HBK Academy
  • Online seminars
  • Individual seminars

Or write a message to the HBK Academy team.

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