Drive shaft system

For limitless machine design

For limitless machine design

Tsubaki's new drive shaft system is a transmission unit designed to replace the gearbox. It can be used to expand the possible configurations of linear drive or rotary drive. Compared to drives with large gears, the flexible drive unit offers a high tangential force and a high transmission torque. This makes it suitable for industrial applications such as in industrial robots, machine tools, in the metalworking industry as well as for infrastructure and rail vehicles.

The new drive unit has a pinion which is combined with a pinion gear or a pinion gear. Both consist of two rings or rods connected by pins. The special tooth pattern of the pinion constantly engages with the pinion wheel or pinion rod. In this way, it enables a frictionless movement. Involute toothing ensures that the pinion moves over the pins without slipping. The hardened teeth ensure high durability in operation. These features provide exceptional load capacity and a large transmission torque. This makes the drive-support system also suitable for heavy-duty applications.

The cost of such geared shock absorber systems is competitive with gear sets, especially in larger versions. The transmission ratio can be increased too cost-effectively compared to sprocket and roller chain drives with their high load or torque capacities. Unlike roller chains, however, no tension needs to be adjusted with the drive pedestal system.

Flexible for the most versatile applications

The designer has a high degree of design freedom when using the drive support systems. Thanks to the optimised pins and toothed wheel elements, he can freely determine the wheel diameter or rack length. Based on a modular system, the size or complexity of the drive can be seamlessly increased and a compact design can be realised. In addition, the segments can be assembled and disassembled with minimal effort, even in large and complex systems. Materials are available in steel, stainless steel and surface-coated.

The flexibly assemblable drive blocks make the most versatile applications possible, such as use in heavy-duty transporters, industrial furnaces, environmental remediation plants, welding rollers, railway turntables, revolving doors, foundry lines, crude furnaces, large transporters, solar panels, handling robots or pallet technology for machine tools. In the case of customised designs, Tsubaki engineers are happy to work directly with the end user or machine builder.

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