Frequency inverters

Sensorless control of all motor types

Sensorless control of all motor types

There are different motor technologies, all of which bring with them a wide variety of characteristics, and each of them certainly has its justification. Depending on the application, different requirements are placed on the motor. So if you choose a motor that suits your application, wouldn't it be great to have a frequency inverter that you could combine with that motor as you like? Kostal's Inveor frequency inverter enables this flexibility, as it is able to control all types of motors with maximum efficiency and highest performance. While many frequency inverters depend on a speed sensor for a good control result, the Inveor manages completely without this additional element.

Essentially, there are three different groups of motor technologies:

  • the asynchronous motor,
  • the permanent magnet synchronous motor and
  • the Sychron reluctance motor.

Each electric motor has its own typical advantages and disadvantages. The asynchronous motor can be operated directly from the mains, but this only makes sense at full load. In all other cases, a frequency converter is required to operate the motor efficiently. However, asynchronous motors reach their limits with regard to the efficiency requirements of the Ecodesign Directive. To some extent, these disadvantages in terms of efficiency and performance can be compensated for by an intelligent control process. Therefore, with the Inveor, it is also possible to use the asynchronous machine in a wide range of applications with low system costs.

Permanent magnet synchronous motors are the most efficient motors, but they are also relatively expensive due to their heavy dependence on rare earths. The Inveor has a control strategy based on MTPA (Maximum Torque per Ampere) and thus enables efficient control of permanent magnet synchronous motors without encoders.

Synchronous reluctance motors are an alternative to synchronous motors. This motor technology, which has been known for about 100 years, can only be controlled with frequency converters thanks to modern micro-controllers. Due to the demanding requirements for the control of these machines, many manufacturers of frequency inverters have reached their limits. Kostal has overcome these limits. The special advantage of this motor type, however, is that it does not require expensive magnetic material. This makes this type of motor very future-proof, as there is no dependence on rare earths. Although this motor technology is not yet very widespread on the market, the Inveor can already control these highly efficient IE5 motors completely without a sensor - no other system on the market currently offers this.

In summary, the Inveor offers control of all motor technologies in one device, completely sensorless and with maximum efficiency. In addition to future-proofing and independence from rare earths, this also gives users the greatest possible degree of freedom and flexibility in the design of their drive system.

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