For the smallest installation spaces

For the smallest installation spaces

In almost all areas of technology, machines or products must be protected against overload. Enemac offers a wide range of mechanical overload clutches for this purpose. The ECA safety clutch was developed especially for toothed belt drives.

Within a few angular degrees, the overload clutch reliably separates the input and output from each other. Simple, lightweight elements prevent disadvantageous mass inertia. These were chosen because excessively heavy shifting elements can considerably increase the (statically set) disengagement torque and thus also destructive collision forces in the event of a dynamic collision.

The ECA has proven itself in many applications over decades. This has resulted in a wide range of variants. The range includes 17 sizes for adjustment ranges between 0.5 and 470 Nm. The safety coupling is available with a taper bush or keyway. In addition, numerous special variants are available on request.

The well-engineered principle guarantees high safety standards. The ECA forms a compact unit with the toothed belt pulley so that hardly any additional space is required in the motor area.

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