Compact 36mm absolute rotary encoders with analog Interface

Compact 36mm absolute rotary encoders with analog Interface

Whether in factory automation, process or medical technology, the complexity and uptime requirements are constantly increasing.  This increases the demand for ever smarter sensors where limited space is available. With the new AV3650M and AH3650M, these issues are a thing of the past. These new encoders from Siko combine precise and reliable position measurement in an extremely compact housing.

Accurate and reliable position measurement is essential for rotary encoders. Additionally, they must be compact in design and robust in construction, to withstand the harsh environments into which they are installed. The new absolute rotary encoders AV3650M and AH3650M combine precise measurement with a particularly small robust housing, thus representing the best of all worlds, accuracy, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. The absolute position values are transmitted via several integrated analog interfaces, such as 0 to 10V, 0 to 5V and 4 to 20 mA.

Compact and cost efficiency

These two encoders utilize the magnetic measuring principal, with an multiturn system which is based on Energy Harvesting Technology. This means that the measurement of several revolutions is possible without the use of a mechanical gearbox or battery backup. As a result, these sensors are not only wear and maintenance free, but impress with their cost efficiency. Despite the extremely compact design and with an outer diameter of only 36mm, these rotary encoders can record more than 65,000 revolutions absolutely and precisely. Thanks to the integrated teach-in functionality, you also have the option of simply adapting the analog current or voltage interface to the required measuring range of your application and obtaining the best possible measurement result.

Robust and flexible

Another advantage of the sensors is their robust and resistant design. Regardless of whether it is vibrations, dirt, moisture, or temperature, with IP67 protection and the wide temperature range from -40° to +85° C, these sensors are ideal for harsh environments. Due to the very small design, the rotary encoders are particularly suitable for use in applications with limited installation space. The rotary encoder variants AV3650M and AH3650M offer a high degree of flexibility when mounting on the machine. The hollow and solid shaft versions, AH3650M and AV3650M respectively, come in several different diameter options. Both sensors are available in standard mounting configurations, allowing the design engineer complete flexibility in their machine concepts.

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