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Even faster to the perfect wave

Even faster to the perfect wave

At Bosch Rexroth, all standard precision steel shafts can now be configured online. Also integrated is the complete range of shaft supports. With the new product range in the online configurator, designers and engineers can select, customize, order and import their shafts into their CAD system with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive options for end and radial machining double the configurable shaft spectrum to a total of 9,000 variants. The guided selection process takes only a few minutes, and a plausibility check protects against input errors.

Six new options are available in the online configurator for machining the shaft ends, including face bore, journal with connecting journal and female thread or female thread with pre-mounted fitting bore. The length spectrum of the online configurable precision steel shafts for ball bushings ranges from 15 to 6,850 mm in length, depending on the type of shaft, and the diameter from 3 to 110 mm.

In addition to individually configurable solid and hollow shafts, the online configurator now also includes all variants with shaft support. Their task is to protect the shaft from deflection when transporting heavy loads over long distances. For this purpose, the options for radial machining of the shaft center in particular have been expanded. In addition to vertical internal threads, through-threads and through-holes with and without screw head countersinking can now be selected.

In numerous applications already implemented, the associated ball bushings have demonstrated a very long service life combined with high running speed, smooth running and rigidity. In addition, the standard version can be used in temperature ranges up to 200 °C. Rexroth ball bushings are available today in countless variants: closed or open, corrosion-resistant, with sealing rings or longitudinal seals, with and without flanges or complete as a linear set.

Bosch Rexroth also provides the Linear Motion Designer (LMD) design tool for quick and easy selection of the right round guides or ball bushing guides. The calculation program guides its users intuitively through the design and, if desired, transfers the result directly to the online configurator. The end-to-end digital tool chain thus maps the complete engineering of precision steel shafts right through to ordering - including pricing, automatic generation of the production order and provision of the CAD data. The order confirmation also contains a unique material number which can be used to reorder the respective shaft without having to reconfigure it. In addition, the user immediately receives the corresponding 2D and 3D CAD data.

The online configurator is available in German, English, French, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Romanian and Polish.

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