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New servos with artificial intelligence

New servos with artificial intelligence

New servos with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence offers important optimization potential in the maintenance of drive systems. With the help of large data sets from production, patterns are recognized on the basis of which precise predictions are made about the condition of the systems. This means that maintenance work can be carried out at exactly the right time.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), companies are able to make targeted maintenance decisions for their servo drives. These use sound predictive models, real-time data, and plant trends, which allows maintenance to be performed at exactly the right time - before failures occur, but only when necessary.

AI-assisted servo drive maintenance

Mitsubishi Electric has been collecting operational data about its products and their peripherals since it developed its first digital servo drives in 1987. This long experience has now been incorporated into the development of the Melservo MR-J5 series.

The new servos use the company's proprietary deep-learning AI Maisart (Mitsubishi Electric's AI creates the State-of-the-ART in Technology) to optimally plan maintenance work. Integrated sensors in the devices not only provide a real-time overview of the condition of internal components. Mechanical components connected to the drives, such as ball screws, belts and gears, are also monitored.

These capabilities are complemented by CC-Link IE TSN network technology with gigabit bandwidth and Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) functionalities. This allows large amounts of data for time-critical control tasks as well as less volatile AI analysis information to be transmitted in a timely manner and without delays.

Powerful servo technology

In addition to simplifying maintenance decisions, Melservo MR-J5 servos are also designed to maximize the productivity of drive applications. For example, they include a portfolio of ultra-high-performance, minimum-size motors that can reach speeds of 6,700 rpm.

The series also includes compact amplifiers with a speed/frequency response of 3.5 kHz and communication cycles of 31.25 μs. To save energy, the MR-J5D servo amplifier is also equipped with a regenerative power supply unit.

By combining innovative maintenance, performance and efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric's latest servo systems optimize key production processes. They also minimize downtime and improve productivity.

By Daniel Sperlich, Product Manager - Servo Systems at Mitsubishi Electric

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