Uncomplicated device exchange and short delivery times

Uncomplicated device exchange and short delivery times

Gefran's non-contact magnetostrictive displacement transducers of the Hyperwave series with Profinet interface are characterized by numerous optional features that make installation in customer-specific designs child's play.

In addition to a vr.4.2. class 4 encoder profile for up to 16 magnets, these include individual dead zone adjustments and various other interfaces - including analog 4...20mA/0-10V, IO-Link, CANopen and Profibus. An additional major advantage is that short delivery times are guaranteed due to the high level of in-house production.

Gefran Hyperwave sensors in rod and profile design with Profinet interface allow optimal integration and communication of machines in Industry 4.0 architectures. Thanks to a pressure resistance of up to 350 bar, they are ideal for installation in hydraulic cylinders.

Special diagnostic functions detect and report anomalies in the power supply system, exceeding the permissible ambient or operating temperature, incorrect parameterization during commissioning, or even the absence of a magnetic cursor in the operating range.

With the ability to monitor the actual operating time of the transmitter as well as the actual and maximum temperature reached, the sensors provide crucial information for preventive maintenance and thus contribute to improved process efficiency.

Typical benefits of wear-free displacement transducers with Hyperwave technology include:

  • unlimited lifetime
  • strong signals, even in the presence of typical field disturbances such as shock, vibration, EMC interference and thermal drift
  • high measurement stability
  • resolution up to 0.5 µm (for Profinet and SSi version)
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