Power analysers

Discover the Electric Power Testing YouTube Channel!

Discover the Electric Power Testing YouTube Channel!

If your company’s products are powered by inverter-driven electric drives, you already know how critical they are to your business success. HBK Power Analyzers enable development engineers to verify design choices and validate prototypes before going into production or certification.

HBK Power Analyzers combine the functions of a scope, an FFT analyzer and a DAQ for raw data in one unit, delivering reliable data for comprehensive investigations into dynamic load changes:

  • acquire electrical power (voltage and current) and mechanical signals (torque and speed) simultaneously on a single time signature
  • correlate additional signals like temperature, vibration, CAN based control commands or test rig parameters

analyse dynamic data in real-time via space vectors, efficiency maps, 3-phase displays, user-defined system maps and more

  • understand the losses, performance, and efficiency of electromechanical systems more quickly and accurately than ever before.


HBK is a provider of test equipment for engineers who need to measure electric and mechanical signals in electric vehicles, on the grid, or any other inverter driven electric machine. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to never miss out on engineering fundamentals, testing, and product information.

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