Information about anomalies in the drive system

Information about anomalies in the drive system

As part of Predictive Services for Drive Systems, Siemens is expanding its offering with an edge application. The Predictive Service Analyzer indicates defects in the drive system at an early stage, before they affect the entire production.

This means that unplanned production downtimes can be avoided and maintenance times can be scheduled in good time, increasing plant availability by up to 30 percent. By ensuring that maintenance and repair activities take place based on actual demand, this increases productivity by up to 10 percent.

Predictive Service Analyzer's AI-based solution detects early signs of anomalies that indicate, for example, mechanical damage in the motor, such as bearing damage, imbalance and misalignment, as well as critical operating conditions of the inverter. The app assesses the severity of the defect and the expected remaining runtime and can thus predict any future failures.

The Predictive Service Analyzer is particularly suitable for applications with constant movements, as is the case with pumps, fans and compressors or with motors that do not require speed control. In contrast to the MindSphere app Predicitve Service Assistant, which has already been launched on the market, the Edge App's analysis is based on the evaluation of very high data volumes in near real time.

The edge-based solution also serves secure data handling in the plant and reduces costs for cloud data transfers. In conjunction with the Predicitve Service Assistant, the Predicitive Service Analyzer can pre-process data as needed, which can then be used within the MindSphere app to provide further insights and recommended actions.

The Predictive Service Analyzer edge app is another component of Predictive Services for Drive Systems, a standardized extension to the local service contract. They are used for more efficient maintenance of Sinamics inverters and Simotics motors. With Predictive Services for Drive Systems, customers benefit from higher productivity and reduced unplanned downtime of their machines and systems.

Users also enjoy full transparency on spare parts as well as maintenance activities to minimize risks through simple weak point analysis. With Predictive Services, Siemens offers a comprehensive range of services for industry. Each industry requires specific Predictive Services, which the technology group has developed on the basis of its extensive industry know-how. The modular services for collecting, analyzing and evaluating machine data are adapted to the requirements of different industries.

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