Detailed data and diagnostic information

Emerson today announced the introduction of the TopWorxTM DX PST with Hart. These positioners provide valuable data and diagnostic information from valves to enable the digital transformation of process applications. The new DX PST seamlessly integrates with existing valves and control systems, giving plant operators access to critical valve data, trends and diagnostic information that can be used to predict and plan maintenance actions.

The partial stroke test of the DX PST supports the reliable operation of the system without having to shut down the process. This safety feature confirms that the valve closes completely and stops the process if an emergency is detected. The test is easily activated by pressing the PST button on the valve and requires no additional equipment. To prevent a critical failure in the event of a process malfunction, the unit overrides the test to perform an emergency shutdown.

Certified for use in harsh and hazardous environments, the adaptable DX PST helps ensure valve integrity. This, in turn, increases the overall safety and availability of applications in plants across numerous industries, including oil and gas, refining, chemical, industrial power and mining.

"The digital transformation of the process industry is making operations increasingly safer and more productive," said Prayag Vatsraj, global product manager for Emerson's Control Boxes. "The DX PST with Hart 7 supports digital transformation by providing reliable data that provides valuable insight into valve health, ensuring system integrity without having to shut down the process."

The Hart protocol, whose specifications are provided by FieldComm Group, provides another layer of information that ensures data, trends and diagnostic information are monitored and integrated into the Industrial Internet of Things. This information can then be used to effectively predict and plan maintenance activities.

Approved for use in Safety Level 3 (SIL 3) applications, the DX PST is available in combination with the Asco Series Advanced Redundant Control System (Arecs) with built-in redundancy of the solenoid valves according to 2oo2 or 2oo3 logic. This provides increased safety and free terminals that allow connection of an additional pressure transmitter along with two pressure switches. The discrete positioner can be easily calibrated both on the device and remotely.

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