Angular contact ball bearing

Economical HKW angular contact ball bearings

The complete range of Hecht ball bearings, which is always available, includes a large product range of angular contact bearings in various designs and materials for all common shaft diameters.

As an economical quality solution, robust single-row angular contact ball bearings of Hecht's own brand HKW are available with various nominal pressure angles in sealed or open design. The bearings, which have a standard tolerance in accordance with DIN 628, are designed to support radial and axial forces in one direction. In addition to angular contact ball bearings made of 100Cr6 rolling bearing steel, Hecht also offers very low-friction variants with ball cages made of resistant polyamide (PA66).

Single-row angular contact ball bearings are usually installed in pairs in applications with high clearance, such as on spindles and in motors with vertical axis positions. Universal variants can also be mounted in pairs in O, X or tandem arrangements without shim washers. Hecht's product range includes double-row angular contact bearings with and without filling groove for the absorption of large axial forces on both sides, for example in pumps, agricultural machinery or compressors.

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