Flexible couplings to connect shafts backlash-free

Flexible couplings to connect shafts backlash-free

A new product line has been added to Enemacs portfolio, the jaw coupling EWN.

In generell technically mature, pluggable elastomer- or claw couplings are mainly used in demanding drives of general mechanical engineering, where zero backlash and easy handling are required.

The new series EWN, with its two half-shell hubs, precisely combines these two properties and, furthermore acts electrically insulating by means of the involute-shaped elastomeric insert. This elastomer spider connects the two hubs with low prestressing and absorbs the vibrations occurring in the drive train.

Type EWN is very suitable for hard-to-reach shafts. A secure and force-fitting shaft connection is always guaranteed.

The compact series is available in 13 sizes and is designed for torques up to 2000 Nm at up to 393 K. Shafts between 8 and 100 mm can be absorbed.

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