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Sustainable cable management for clean rooms

Tsubaki Kabelschlepp launches Flatveyor ZP: The solution combines the advantages of a flat cable system with the structure of a cable drag chain. Users benefit from easy replacement of cables. In addition, existing cables and hoses can be used, resulting in cost reduction and more sustainability in procurement.

Flatveyor ZP is based on particularly durable and smooth-running hoses that can be easily opened and closed with a tool provided. This zip structure is very flexible, but does not open when moved. Replacing or using existing cables and hoses is easy and convenient thanks to this design.

The freestanding flat cable system has integrated support elements that allow linear movement at high speed. The support elements act as reliable guides that can be moved in one direction along the intended minimum bending radius, reliably guiding the cables and hoses.

The new flat cable system is certified to ISO cleanroom class 2 and is therefore suitable for production processes in hygiene-sensitive industries where a particularly low-particle environment and technical cleanliness must be ensured - for example, in the semiconductor industry, medical technology, life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

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