Clamping technology

Universal and flexible

Heinrich Kipp Werk is launching a new multiple clamping system that enables reliable clamping of different workpieces. It is suitable for all batch sizes and allows very high clamping forces. The system's precision gearing ensures exact repeatability. Last but not least, conversion from single to multiple clamping is quick and easy.

The multiple clamping system consists of variable elements: clamping rails, stops and wedge clamps (with or without fixed jaw) can be combined with each other. Clamping rails are available in lengths of 130, 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 mm. By mounting several clamping rails one behind the other, clamping areas can be flexibly extended in length. When mounted side by side, the clamping areas can be widened so that large components can be clamped.

Basically, wedge clamps allow double-sided clamping, the models with fixed stop allow single-sided clamping. The precision serration ensures highly accurate positioning of the fixed jaws so that they can be fastened securely and precisely. By tightening the fixing screw, a positive connection with the clamping rail is achieved.

Fixed jaws are available in smooth, fluted and stepped versions. The ES type is characterized by a narrow design and is therefore ideal for setups with smaller workpieces and larger quantities. Type DS fixed jaws with two fastening screws are preferred for larger machining forces.

Clamping rails can be fastened via various interfaces. For example, there is a lateral clamping edge for clamping claws, which can be fastened at any position. In addition, through holes are provided for standardized cylinder screws and locating holes for common zero point clamping systems with system spacings of 96 mm and 200 mm. Mounting via alignment slots for T-slot tables as well as locating holes for grid systems with hole spacing of 40 mm and 50 mm is also possible.

Users of the new multiple clamping system from KIPP also benefit from an extensive range of accessories. Among other things, support bars, different top jaws and workpiece stops are available.

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