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More functionality with I/O interface

More functionality with I/O interface

Linak is taking a further step in the field of digitalization and is offering the two LA36 and LA37 linear actuators with a new I/O interface. This is based on a completely newly developed controller, which is built directly into the actuator. In combination with the new actuators, Linak is also introducing the new Actuator Connect software. The software can be quickly and easily connected to the I/O linear actuators via Bluetooth.

The new electronics in the actuators offer many more technical possibilities than before. For example, it is now possible to control the drive from several intermediate positions. This means that even complex motion patterns can be implemented with a linear actuator. The direct stroke position is possible as a servo function directly via the control signal. Various feedback and control options are available. Linak has once again improved the overload protection in the new actuators, and thanks to continuous, internal referencing, the position measurement and thus the reliability of the actuator has once again been significantly increased.

In day-to-day development work, the designer of a machine is faced with the major challenge of saving costs and at the same time shortening the development time. This is where the new I/O interface from Linak provides significant support. He saves costs by only having to use the options of the drive in his development work that he actually needs at that time. If it turns out that further functions are required, he can simply have them enabled via the Actuator Connect software and then parameterize them. Linak therefore offers three different levels of functionality: 'Basic', 'Full' and 'Customized'. Basic' offers the advantages of an integrated control with H-bridge for simple control. If you choose the 'Full' option, you can use all the functions to test which ones are really necessary for the later series.

Due to the adaptability of the parameters in the 'Full' version, even complex motion sequences with soft start and multiple approach positions can be mapped in the software and transferred to the drive in no time at all. Parameters such as feedback types and scaling, speed, position, start/stop settings, virtual limits and current limits can be easily configured with Actuator Connect.

Once the decision has been made on the functions required, Linak offers the 'Customized' option. The actuators are then delivered with the previously defined parameter settings and can be installed directly. This saves parameterization prior to installation and thus further costs.

It is also possible to create real-time diagrams showing power consumption, temperature, position and much more. This is especially helpful in the prototyping phase. Performing test runs gives an indication of whether the initial calculations resulted in the correct actuator specifications. The data can then be analyzed to determine if the actuator is suitable for the application at hand, or if it needs further customization.

The Actuator Connect software is offered free of charge by Linak. It can be downloaded from the Linak website after registration.

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