Draw-wire encoder

Rugged, precise, durable

Rugged, precise, durable

A true mechanical masterpiece is the moving rope drum inside the SL3000: It causes the highly flexible steel rope to spool up again cleanly and in a single layer when the spring pulls it back. Often copied, the moving rope drum developed by FSG some 30 years ago forms the core of the original.

With its robust design, the SL3000 premium series is constructed for industrial applications where maximum operational reliability is essential. Many well thought-out details contribute to this. For example, the bellows fitted as standard at the rope outlet prevents dust and dirt from getting into the housing during spooling. Should water penetrate, which cannot be completely prevented, it drains away again through openings on the underside. The housing is made of aluminum, optionally available with a resistant coating as well as in V4A stainless steel. Other special versions can also be used in environments with special safety requirements such as explosion protection..

Three standard models with numerous options

The three standard SL3000 models differ in the measuring length of the rope and in the housing circumference (GS), which ranges from 80 x 80 to 190 x 190 millimeters. Currently the smallest model is the SL3000-GS80 wire rope encoder with measuring lengths up to 3 meters, followed by the SL3000-GS130 with measuring lengths up to 30 meters. The largest model, the SL3000-GS190, enables measuring lengths of up to 60 meters. What they all have in common is the highest measuring accuracy, from the smallest to the longest length.

Numerous variants are based on the standard program, which are often created in close consultation with the customer, sometimes in small series or even as one-offs. Once manufactured and in use, it is also possible for a customer to subsequently modify his device or retrofit it with accessories if, for example, certain production conditions should have changed.

Like all of FSG's draw-wire encoders, the premium SL3000 series can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors and extensive other accessories, depending on the customer's application and requirements. FSG's own encoders and potentiometers are perfectly matched to the SL3000 series, offering a wide range of signal outputs and connection options (e.g. CAN, PROFINET, HART protocol and many more). In addition, devices of the SL3000 series can also be equipped with all other commercially available encoders.

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