A new series for more efficiency

A new series for more efficiency

MAE, a brand of Ametek Advanced Motion Solutions, has developed a new blower series specifically designed for battery-powered cleaning machines. The new BU82-130mm By-Pass 2-Stage Universal Blower offers tremendous advantages in design, compact size, efficiency, durability and performance.

Compared to other motors commonly used in scrubber-dryers, the new blower can provide the same air output at reduced input current, allowing longer battery life. On the other hand, up to 20% higher air performance and better noise performance than conventional solutions can be realized with the same power consumption. The increase in efficiency ranges from 27 to approximately 37%. 

The improvements in efficiency, power consumption, battery life, dimensions and weight make the new BU 82 - 130mm By-Pass 2-stage universal blower the perfect choice for battery-powered wet and dry cleaning applications. The new design offers the highest standards of housing storage and protection, making it equally well suited for applications in harsh environments. The series will initially be available with peripheral and later also with tangential extraction system. As DC version, the innovative solution is already available for your new projects. The AC version will follow shortly.

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