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HBK's eDrive solution reduces Alstom's test time by two thirds

HBK's eDrive solution reduces Alstom's test time by two thirds

Electric drives have been used for rail propulsion for over 120 years. The demands on the performance and efficiency of motors are constantly increasing - especially in times when climate targets have to be met.

Alstom SA is a world leader in passenger transport systems, signalling and services and is known for its AGV, TGV, Eurostar and Pendolino high-speed trains, as well as suburban or regional trains, metros and trams.

Alstom has two centres of Excellence for R&D and project management in Charleroi, Belgium, with 500 engineers and 100 researchers.

In one of these centres, traction systems and auxiliary converters are tested to simulate the train operating under real conditions. Alstom needs precise test bench equipment that provides reliable data, allows for fast integration and is easy to work with.

HBK’s eDrive solution is a real game changer” says Jean-Francois Gregoire, validation senior expert at Alstom, and onwards:

  • "We are saving about two-thirds of testing time. This makes a huge difference.
  • We can always do post computation offline without returning to the test.
  • We have a greater depth of detail for validation, since we capture every signal that we need at the same time.

What comes on top is: Personnel costs are considerably lower with HBM’s eDrive solution in comparison to the previous system.“

HBK's eDrive solution simplifies motor and inverter testing, reducing R&D costs and shortening development time:

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