Smart motors

Reduce costs and construction times

Reduce costs and construction times

Reduce costs and construction times

Moog Animatics is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Class 6 D-Style Smart Motor product family.

This new Smart Motor expands the scope of the already familiar versatile programmable servo drive system consisting of a motor, multi-turn absolute encoder, amplifier stage and drive controller, as well as key communication interfaces such as USB, two Industrial Ethernet interfaces (usable as EtherCAT, Profinet or Ethernet IP interfaces) and the standard RS-232/RS-485 and CAN connections.

The new Class 6D smart motors feature a compact design, lower overall cost and simplicity of construction, and are therefore said to be unparalleled in the market. The advantages of this new product family make a decisive difference in the development of new applications and facilitate the retrofitting of existing systems. Users and developers thus reduce machine development costs and build times.

"As an industry-leading supplier of fully integrated servo motors, we at Moog Animatics are continually working to increase the performance of our Smart Motor," said Ray Walsh, general manager of Moog Animatics. "With the introduction of the Class 6D series, we have been able to increase the power range to 1kW, and we offer significantly higher torque in the same compact design compared to previous series. This increased power density, combined with an Industrial Ethernet interface and multiturn absolute encoder, clearly sets the new Smart motors apart from competing products."

The Class 6D motor's wider power range, together with an extended operating temperature range (-20°C to +100°C), allows it to be used in a significantly wider range of applications, such as automated guided vehicles, agricultural automation and a wider range of industrial automation applications. This meets the ever-increasing demands of machine manufacturers and designers who require a versatile, precise and fully integrated drive system.

With a battery-free absolute encoder, separate inputs/outputs with 24V power supply (to separately power the amplifier stage and logic), a possible holding brake, and easy connectivity to diagnostic equipment via USB, the Class 6D Smart Motor achieves significant improvements in system efficiency by minimizing sources of error, simplifying troubleshooting, and thus reducing downtime during maintenance or power failure.

"When designers and engineers are looking for a compact, high-performance and extremely reliable drive solution, with a focus on cost efficiency and a flexible design, the Class 6D SmartMotor is the best choice they can make," concludes Walsh.

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