Three times well damped

Three times well damped

Three times well damped

Three times well damped

Whether conversion from diesel to electric motors, easier operation of hoods and flaps or vibration damping of compressors, machine elements from ACE make it easier for designers to intelligently retrofit and convert their vehicles. This is illustrated by three exemplary applications.

Sooner or later, internal combustion engines are on the brink of extinction. The electrification of drive technology is therefore also high on the agenda in the commercial vehicle and logistics sector. In order to conserve resources and keep investment requirements as low as possible, many managers are opting to convert the drive technology from diesel to electric motors, accompanied by a general overhaul of the existing vehicle fleet.

This extends the service life of vans and light trucks, especially for short-haul use. These are fit for the future, and the converting company actively supports climate protection, especially as noise reduction is an important factor for the use of electric drive in addition to increasing air quality, particularly in cities. This argument is also frequently cited in industry as a key one for the use of shock and vibration dampers.

For example, a leading German company for the conversion of smaller trucks and vans contacted ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH when it came to finding solutions that would prevent electric motors from vibrating too much during acceleration and transferring too much of the forces to the car body. The decisive factor for the inquiry was the clear homepage, the large number of solutions offered there, and the existing calculation program for quick, simple determination of suitable machine elements.

During the subsequent consultation process, it became clear that the entire conversion structure, including the retrofitted components on and in the vehicle, including the 400-volt motor, had to be protected against damaging shocks and vibrations. Because every centimeter counts when retrofitting to electric motors, only very compact components come into question. This criterion is fulfilled by the conical bearings of type 6051CN12M from ACE. In addition, they can be supplied at short notice and are easy to install.

These machine elements developed for vehicle cabs are small all-rounders because they eliminate vibrations as well as effectively dampen shocks. With a natural frequency of 6.9 Hz to 11.0 Hz, they are designed for load ranges from 69.3 kg to 173.4 kg per conical bearing. Even more important for the application: they are tear-off resistant. This rules out the possibility of them getting loose in the sensitive engine area and possibly landing on the road. As a result, the machine and road traffic are protected, along with all the people involved. The successful cooperation between ACE and the retrofit specialists now extends from vibration isolation of 550 kg electric motors in the 800 volt class to solutions for speed regulation on vehicle superstructures and loading devices using industrial gas springs. These machine elements play a special role in the following case.

Industrial gas springs from ACE make loading and unloading easier

If you want to party far away from electricity and water supply, you need a robust vehicle. This idea led to the project of converting a conventional truck into an event vehicle. The designers envisioned a cargo space for the safe transport of the sound and lighting equipment. The usable area was to be smaller than that used for luggage storage in a coach, for example, but with the same accessibility and general function. To ensure that the cargo area is not only easy but also safe to load and unload, ACE came into play. High-quality industrial gas springs are predestined for such a case. In principle, these maintenance-free and ready-to-install machine elements can also be designed by the respective end user himself with the help of a software on the ACE homepage.

In this case, however, the customer wanted personal support by the gas spring team of the Langenfeld company. This team proved to be an innovative and goal-oriented solution and service partner. For the optimum design, the mass of the flap to be moved, consisting of two layers of GRP with a foam core and a V2A stainless steel frame, was first determined and defined as 12 kg. Other important points were the frictional force as well as the starting and opening angles. In this way, gas springs of type GS-19-150-CC-350N were determined by the technical consultants, individually filled with nitrogen thanks to ACE's valve technology, shipped to the customer and installed by him on site.

With a stroke of 150 mm, the gas springs used in this application have an extension force of 350 N and thus facilitate the lifting movement. As with maintenance flaps, the customized flaps on the event mobile are also fixed in the open position. Closing is impossible, so that the event team is literally relieved during loading and unloading for many years. This is because industrial gas springs from ACE ensure a long service life and safe support of the muscle forces thanks to the piston rod with wear-resistant surface coating as well as integrated plain bearings and a grease chamber. Due to a large number of accessories and connecting parts, installation was also quick and uncomplicated. For cases where the flaps or hatches are even more in the field of vision of passengers, such as in the viewing area of excursion boats or motor homes, ACE also has industrial gas pressure springs as well as gas traction springs in stainless steel. In addition, other designs and special types are available on request, which can be used beyond the permissible temperature ranges of -20 °C to 80 °C.

ACE vibration dampers turn luxury motorhomes into quiet drivers

So-called recreational vehicles are among the most luxurious that the motorhome market has to offer. Neither loudly humming air-conditioning systems nor other technical systems operated by the power of compressors, such as the air suspension, door opening and closing or sanitary systems, fit into the picture. During the journey, the additional noise caused by these consumers is not quite as disturbing, especially since the compressor connected to the engine then provides the compressed air.

But once stopped, the passengers literally want to have their peace and quiet. In detail, the problem with the air supply system for the suspension, doors and toilets was the mounting of two additional compressors. Mounted in one of the technical and supply areas underneath the motorhome, they transmitted vibrations to the body. At intervals of 15 to 30 minutes, this resulted in clearly noticeable and audible vibrations that the owner did not want to tolerate, especially at night. As a trained mechanical engineer, he started looking for vibration dampers and quickly found what he was looking for on ACE's homepage in the form of a design tool.

After taking into account all relevant key data for the respective design, such as weight and support points, this free software calculates, among other things, the center of mass of the machine and thus the individual load of the support points, whereby off-center loads can also be entered. In this case, the program suggested BM-50641 bubble mounts. These low-cost and efficient vibration dampers achieve a degree of isolation of 95.65 percent under the conditions at hand. Bubble Mounts are designed for efficient isolation of light loads in aviation electronics, on computers or for storage of particularly sensitive medical equipment.

The small and compact helpers are predestined for use under vertical pressure loads and are therefore particularly suitable for the effective insulation of small pumps or compressors, such as in luxury mobile homes. As small as they are, their damping performance is great. If desired, this can be further increased by using silicone. At a nominal load of 8 Hz, the natural frequency is so low that harmful vibrations are effectively eliminated in most cases. As a result, the theoretically determined degree of insulation of 95.65 percent now also ensures in practice that the coach is up to the standard of a 5-star hotel when parked, especially at night.

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