Safety couplings

Highest efficiency

Highest efficiency

Safety couplings from KBK Antriebstechnik protect machines safely and reliably against overload damage. Due to the special arrangement of the balls, the couplings operate absolutely backlash-free and precisely. Users can choose from a variety of designs - including a miniature version and a model with a half-shell design.

KBK overload couplings mechanically separate the two parts of the drive train in the event of a torque overload. This prevents or at least significantly reduces overloads and the resulting damage to the drive.

Since the user can freely select the release torque and precisely set it on the coupling, the machine output can be optimally utilized. KBK uses disk springs with a degressive characteristic curve and balls as locking elements in its safety couplings. This special design method interrupts torque transmission within milliseconds when the release torque is reached and reduces the risk of damage to a minimum.

KBK offers users a wide range of safety couplings. The product range includes overload couplings with rolling bearings (0.2 Nm to 1,400 Nm), plain bearings (0.2 Nm to 500 Nm), metal bellows (0.2 Nm to 1,400 Nm) and spiders (3 Nm to 500 Nm). In terms of functional systems, there is a choice between overload clutches with synchronous engagement, ratchet engagement and disengagement, and a locked version.

Couplings with synchronous engagement automatically re-engage after the overload has been eliminated, locked safety couplings are mechanically locked a few angular degrees after disengagement, and disengaged models permanently separate the input and output trains without torque. For applications with a very high number of overloads, the use of a magnetic coupling from KBK is recommended. These couplings cover torque ranges between 0.1 and 60 Nm, operate without wear and are easy to clean.

KBK is also one of the very few manufacturers to produce miniature overload couplings - the smallest possible release torque is just 0.1 Nm. In addition, the product range also includes safety couplings in half-shell design. These allow the user to optimally align the machine shafts before installing the coupling, thus avoiding misalignment.


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