Electric cylinders

With electric cylinders on the way to compressed air-free production

With electric cylinders on the way to compressed air-free production

The electric cylinders from the AA3000 series are the ideal direct drives for linear applications with high process forces and speeds.

The goal in typical application scenarios would be to dynamically generate high forces without the use of compressed air. The AA3000 series electric cylinders are ideal for this purpose. Considering the time required for pressure build-up with conventional pneumatic cylinders, this modern servomotor-based alternative responds faster and is much more controllable and energy-efficient.

Despite the very compact design, the electric cylinders offer high peak forces of up to 25,000 N. At the same time, they are designed in accordance with the DIN ISO 15552 standard, making the replacement of pneumatic cylinders very simple. The integrated spindle anti-rotation device and the preprogrammed intelligent absolute encoder system minimize the work involved in installation and operation by enabling simple plug-and-play installation, including end position monitoring.

The AA3000 electric cylinders demonstrate their application advantages wherever pneumatic cylinders or even small hydraulic cylinders have been used. Examples include welding or riveting tongs, pressing and joining applications, and metering and handling systems. Any application that requires linear motion with high forces can benefit.

Electric cylinders open up optimization and savings potential in a variety of ways. As a complete, ready-to-use solution, they significantly reduce design and installation costs compared to pneumatic systems with their additional mechanics, such as for end stops. Added to this is the high rigidity of the system with very fast increases in force and good control of the forces to be achieved, which ultimately leads to better process control. The simple adjustment options – directly in software and without mechanical changes to the machine – significantly increase overall process flexibility. Even servo-pneumatic solutions are slower, more complicated and usually more cost-intensive by comparison.

Further advantages are offered by the high functionality of the electric cylinders, which is provided by the electronic feedback of position and force – without the additional sensors required with pneumatics. This opens up a wide range of possibilities including comprehensive logging for quality assurance or for minimizing production effort, for example. In addition, unlike pneumatic cylinders, where usually only the start and end positions are known, it is possible to run any movement profile. This also contributes to increased process efficiency and quality.

The sustainability and environmental aspects are also very important. This includes, on one hand, the longer and more predictable service life of the electric cylinders. Pneumatic cylinders usually achieve only a fraction of this – typical maintenance intervals of one to two million cycles correspond to only one tenth of those offered by the far more resilient electric cylinders. On the other hand, the use of electric cylinders means less production effort, lower operating costs, the avoidance of ambient contamination from air containing oil and a reduction in raw material requirements due to more precise process sequences. In addition, there is often the fundamental requirement for more energy-efficient production without compressed air supply – with a correspondingly better carbon footprint.

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