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Moog provides insight

Moog provides insight

Moog provides insight

New and further developments soon available: new MG series of electric servo actuators and new HD series in servo motors.

MG Series actuators

Moog will soon launch its new MG Series low-maintenance actuator, a ball-screw electromechanical actuator (EMA) for high-efficiency applications that offers customers an alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.

More than twice the force for the same size

MG Series servo actuators will provide smooth, precise motion and feature long life even with high payloads and peak forces up to 170 kN. Compared to hydraulic systems, the actuators require little maintenance while being more environmentally friendly and stable, and also avoid the disadvantages of oil pressure lines.

They are coupled to position-controlled servo drives, allowing customers to achieve more accurate linear positioning and program the MG series with special motion profiles. This allows it to be adapted to any application, reducing mechanical stress, speeding up the operation and reducing noise emissions, for example.

With the redesigned actuator mechanics, Moog will enable higher maximum overload forces with unchanged compact dimensions. For the same size, the new MG Series will thus deliver up to a 120 percent increase in peak load ratings compared to previous series.

The actuator design includes optional internal ball screw support to reduce the negative impact of small misalignments on screw rod life. And in some mounting positions, for example with side lugs or rod lugs at both ends, the new design reduces the effect of gravity on the actuator.

All sizes of the MG Series will be available in air-cooled (standard), liquid-cooled or fan-cooled versions. A 24VDC safety brake is also provided for all models.

Quick replacement of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders

The form factor of the new MG Series actuators is based on conventional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, so they can be used to easily retrofit existing systems.

In terms of cost of ownership, significantly better results will be achieved with EMA, with a typical benefit-to-cost ratio estimated at 70 to 90 percent, compared to 30 to 50 percent for an equivalent pneumatic solution and 50 to 70 percent for hydraulic systems.

HD Series Servo Motors

The new HD series is based on the optimization of already consolidated technologies, combining and improving strong features in a single motor series with exceptional power density and extreme reliability. In parallel, the series naturally features the well-known basic characteristics such as dynamics, power spectrum and adaptable design.

The new HD motors will soon be available in a wide range of sizes, with rated torques from 2 Nm to 996 Nm and peak torques from 11 Nm to 2,089 Nm.

This wide torque range, combined with excellent dynamics, three different cooling options and extensive flexibility in customization, is the basis of unprecedented freedom in selecting the ideal servo motor for any type of application, especially when high dynamics are required.

A fine example of such perfect suitability is the upcoming application in the field of vehicle electrification such as an all-electric motorcycle. It will soon be launched by a Moog customer, with a heart made of two liquid-cooled HD motors of the new series.

This shows that the HD motors will be particularly suitable for machines that operate continuously with short or no idle phases, or where there are frequent rapid changes in speed.

Five sizes - three types of cooling

The five sizes are supplied as standard with three possible cooling modes: Self-cooling, fan-cooling and liquid-cooling, which further increases the flexibility of our approach by allowing the right cooling type to be selected depending on the requirements of the application.


"The HD motors can be equipped with various types of feedback devices, depending on the application," says Prashanth Bhatt, Moog engineering manager for servo motors. "The modular design of the motor will allow extreme flexibility in customization, from special shafts and flanges to the addition of special windings to optimize machine performance. The special characteristics of the permanent magnet synchronous motors give the HD series an exceptional power-to-mass ratio that significantly increases overall system efficiency."

Working closely with customers with direct access to the Moog factory

As an industry-leading supplier of electromechanical, electrohydraulic and electrohydrostatic drive solutions, Moog takes a technology-neutral approach focused solely on providing the best performance for the application.

Broad expertise and detailed knowledge of the strengths and pitfalls of all the different drive technologies enable Moog to present an outstanding solution for each application, and the company emphasizes close collaboration with customer engineers.

Moog is also investing in its customer service and manufacturing capabilities. Globally, the entire internal supply chain is being optimized, most recently at the state-of-the-art new production facility in Brno, Czech Republic.

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