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XTS with NCT creates a new dimension in machine flexibility

XTS with NCT creates a new dimension in machine flexibility

Thanks to contactless energy and data transfer to the XTS movers, the XTS function extension with NCT enables a further quantum leap in terms of machine flexibility.

With the No Cable Technology extension of the XTS system, production companies can tap into the advantages of highly flexible systems with minimal effort. the XTS offers numerous possibilities to replace complex external mechanics with individual movements of the XTS movers, and thus with pure software functionality. In addition to the previous purely passive product transport, NCT enables additional process sequences directly on the mover itself – both during movement and when at a standstill.

As an example: No Cable Technology transfers energy wirelessly to the mover. This energy is available to realize different motion sequences directly on the mover with the help of motors. The CNC-based motion sequence is synchronized with the positioning of the mover in real time. The central software approach in TwinCAT allows simple synchronization with external processing stations.

In this way, the mover becomes an active part of the manufacturing process as a mobile processing station, e.g. by performing a product alignment by means of a rotary movement or by manipulating a product in order to position a carton or screw on a screw cap. The process times for feeding and removal at alternative processing stations are eliminated and the product flow no longer needs to be interrupted. Consequently, the efficiency of the machine increases and the production output increases.

Discover how XTS with NCT increases the flexibility of machines through moving handling systems. Or how highly flexible multi-robot systems reduce the footprint.

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