Bellows suction pads

4.5 folds make up for a lot

4.5 folds make up for a lot

Distribution and logistics centers demand high pick rates in automation processes. Schmalz' solution for this is the round bellows suction pad FSGC, which is not particularly picky about the type and contour of the packaging to be gripped.

When sorting and transferring cardboard boxes, paper and poly bags, and shipping bags, things have to move fast. For use in sorting cells, J. Schmalz GmbH has developed the FSGC, a bellows suction pad that adapts to different contours and holds different packaging materials securely even at high accelerations. To achieve this, the vacuum expert has combined a flexible suction cup neck with 4.5 folds for increased stroke. To maximize holding forces, the inner diameter is designed to be as large as possible.

The connection to the vacuum system is made via a one-piece connecting element. It is plug-in, allowing the user to quickly change the suction cup. It is suitable for various grippers, including custom-made ones from the 3D printer. The FSGC is made of the material NBR and is available immediately in outer diameters of 40, 50 and 60 millimeters.