Flexible Hercules

Flexible Hercules

For lifting or general material handling, companies throughout the industry rely on electric drives. In certain cases, they need to rely on particularly powerful cylinders that also allow high flexibility. For this very purpose, SMC has now expanded its established LEY series with the LEY100 models.

They score with a high thrust force of up to 12000 N thanks to an AC servo motor with 750 W power, a maximum stroke of 1000 mm and ISO15552-compliant mounting. In addition, the new electric actuators offer high flexibility in terms of force and speed adjustment, among other things, as well as various options: from a motorless variant to an installable signal transmitter (auto switch) and an integrated absolute encoder.

Electric actuators have proven themselves across industries for various pushing, pulling, lifting or press-fit applications. At the same time, the demands on individual solutions are increasing: They have to offer more power, higher flexibility and process reliability as well as cover a wider range of applications. With the LEY series, SMC already has established and reliable electric cylinders in its portfolio for this purpose - and is now taking them to a new level with the expanded LEY100 series. The AC servo motor, for example, has an output of 750 W and can thus achieve a thrust force of up to 12000 N. As part of the LEY series, upgrading is very easy and as the electric actuator complies with the ISO15552 standard of pneumatic cylinders, the changeover is also simple. In addition, force and speed can be modified and a wide range of options such as a signal generator (auto-switch) or a motorless variant offer users high precision and flexibility.

Adaptable powerhouse

Whereas the predecessor series LEY63 stopped at 400 W of power, the designers at SMC have given the LEY100 series an AC servo motor with 700 W. The electric drive thus achieves maximum horizontal and vertical stability. The electric drive thus achieves a maximum horizontal thrust of 12000 N (6 x > LEY63) and can thus move a payload of 1200 kg (3.5 x > LEY63) - vertically this is 200 kg (1.7 x > LEY63). The stroke range is also 1.2 x longer than the LEY63 series, at a maximum of 100 to 1000 mm. Users thus obtain an electric cylinder that significantly expands the range of applications.

At the same time, the force and speed specifications can be changed by removing or installing a gearbox to ensure that the application is tailored to the user's needs. For this purpose, users can choose between "without reduction", "reduction ratio 1/3" and "reduction ratio 1/5". A motorless version is also available to them: The LEY100 series is compatible with motors from 7 different manufacturers for this purpose.

Flexible and precise use

As part of the LEY series, users can easily upgrade and replace their existing drives with the new LEY100 series. In addition, this now also complies with the ISO15552 standard for pneumatic cylinders, making it easy to switch to the electric actuator. Tapped holes on both sides, foot mounting and flange mounting options are available for mounting.  

Various other options offer more precision and control: For example, thanks to mounting grooves, signal transmitters (auto-switch) can be installed to allow easy interrogation of the intermediate and end positions. By means of an absolute encoder, operation can be resumed from the current position immediately upon restart in the event of an emergency stop or power failure. In addition, the option with motor brake increases operator safety.

Extensive application benefits

With its improved performance and more functions, the new LEY100 series not only expands the range of applications, but also increases productivity - both horizontally and vertically. Thus, all industries with transport and assembly-related applications will benefit from SMC's new solution: whether it is lifting applications where positioning, opening and closing control is required, or press-fit applications where it is possible to combine positioning and thrust control to reduce cycle time.