For safe industrial applications

For safe industrial applications

The maxx RT2200 mobile router provides an optimal basis for secure Industry 4.0 applications. It can be used either wirelessly - even at remote locations - via the highly available LTE mobile network or also wired with a DSL or cable modem as a LAN/WAN router, e.g. as a VPN client or server for industrial PCs and controllers in corporate networks. The robust industrial router from IoTmaxx is available directly from stock thanks to the manufacturer's forward-looking component backup.

As a LAN/WAN router, the maxx RT2200 is a good choice especially when, for example, a VPN connection to a VPN server is to be established with a PLC, but this cannot map its own VPN client. It thus offers protected communication from company networks even for standard controllers with Ethernet connection. Furthermore, the maxx RT2200 can also implement a VPN network for up to 64 OpenVPN client connections as a central OpenVPN server.

The router has various physical interfaces for connecting end devices, either via an integrated 5-port Ethernet switch or via digital inputs and outputs. It is optionally available with RS232 or RS485 interfaces, enabling transparent transmission of serial data over IP networks. Connection to the Internet is optionally via 4G mobile radio or via a configurable WAN interface.

The robust industrial router is user-friendly via a web interface and XML files, configurable locally or remotely.

Excellent connectivity and high security

Whether mobile radio or LAN/WAN connection - the maxx RT2200 industrial router constantly checks connectivity and network quality. Thanks to its "always online" functionality, it also ensures an independent connection setup in the event of a fault. Thanks to its high level of connection security, the device guarantees access to the devices connected to it at all times - for remote monitoring or remote maintenance. It can also be redundantly equipped with two SIM cards and can switch providers in the event of a fault.

The closed Linux operating system, OpenVPN and iPsec tunnel technology, integrated firewalls and password-protected access management provide a particularly high level of security.