Cable entry

Easily insert up to 40 cables

Easily insert up to 40 cables

Split sealing inserts from Pflitsch are a time-saving and installation-safe solution for inserting assembled cables and wires into control cabinets and housings. And yet it can be even better, as the cable gland specialist shows with the new CABseal series. This modular cable gland incorporates the entire Pflitsch expertise in terms of quality, reliability and ease of installation. As a full-range supplier, the manufacturer is thus opening up new growth markets and customer groups.

CABseal is simply more sophisticated than other solutions: The cable entry system consists of four different frame sizes - suitable for the common standard cutouts in control cabinet construction up to 115 x 46 mm. The CABseal frames can be variably equipped with 4, 6, 8 or 10 grommet fields. This allows a maximum of 40 cables with a diameter of up to 6 mm to be reliably sealed. The spring/groove contour of the cable grommets prevents incorrect assembly and ensures stability.

The available cable grommets with their flexible sealing lip geometry are available in GS sizes for cables from 3 to 16 mm in diameter and as GL for 16 to 33 mm. Dual and quad grommets allow for increased packing density. The CABseal grommets can be flexibly positioned in the frames. The large sealing range of up to 1.6 mm and the flexible sealing lip geometry can compensate for cable tolerances of up to 0.4 mm and in any case ensure reliable sealing of the cable of the high protection class with IP66/UL Type 4X. A strain relief lug can optionally be used to increase strain relief and securely fix the installed cables by means of cable ties.

The CABseal frames made of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide have an injection-molded elastomer seal, so that no additional flat gasket is required at the enclosure opening. This seals the frame against the enclosure surface to IP 66. The mounting height of only 20 mm results in a space-saving installation. Flush-fitting grommets result in a continuous closed surface without beads or edges.

The properties of the CABseal cable entry system make it suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in the -40 to +100 °C temperature range. The high-quality materials are free of halogens and silicones and UV-resistant, comply with the current RoHS regulations and the fire protection class UL 94: V0. In addition, CABseal is one of the few cable entry products to be UL listed. Blind grommets and plugs round off the portfolio as accessories for securely closing off fields that are not required. An optional assembly aid simplifies the insertion of the cable grommets if required.

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