Slip rings

If it should be something special

Slip rings from Servotecnica are used in numerous different industries. In addition to the extensive standard program, the specialist for mechatronic drive products also offers its customers tailor-made solutions for applications with special requirements.

In mechanical and plant engineering, slip rings are small but indispensable components when it comes to transmitting signals or electrical current between rotating components. As diverse as the possible applications or even the environments in which a machine or an entire plant is operated are, as versatile must be the suitable slip rings.

With its slip ring products, Servotecnica covers numerous possible applications in a wide range of industries. In addition to general mechanical engineering, they are used in medical technology, automotive engineering and robotics or even aerospace. The standard program includes over 3,000 different variants. It is supplemented by customer-specific solutions for slip rings required by users for special cases. Servotecnica has set itself the goal of realizing all individual customer requirements that are technically feasible.

Great variety also in solutions for special cases

Customized slip rings from Servotecnica can be used for power, signal and bus transmission, they are available in versions with or without hollow shaft and are made of materials such as plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. They are available in numerous variants: encapsulated or with an open design, extra compact, extra robust. Depending on the design, they are approved for various IP protection classes and function safely and reliably even in harsh environments.

If desired, customized slip rings can also be connected to optical transmitters or those for vacuum, overpressure or various fluids (e.g. in hydraulic or cooling systems). If required, Servotecnica also assembles third-party products specified by the customer, for example for plug connections and cables, for ferrules or heat-shrink tubing - also for hybrid cables and with plug & play functionality.

Servotecnica manufactures the slip rings in Italy or on its own production lines in Asia. All parts and products undergo thorough functional testing to ensure the high quality for which the Italian family-owned company has been known for over 40 years.

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