DC motors

A lot of power in a small space

A lot of power in a small space

The powerful brushless DC motors of the BLV-R Series from Oriental Motor are now also available with rated output powers of 60 and 400 W. Due to their lightweight, compact design, the drives are particularly suitable for use in automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Whether with spur gear, flat gear or without gear and with round shaft: The brushless DC drives of the BLV-R Series from Oriental Motor are available in a wide variety of designs. So far, the motors have been available with rated output powers of 100 W and 200 W. Now the BLV-R Series has been extended by two additional variants with rated output powers of 60 and 400 W.

The expansion of the product range gives users even more options. For example, two 400 W motors with flat gears can move an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and 500 kg load at a speed of 0.7 m/s. The drives are also ideal for operating mixers that blend liquids of different viscosities at a constant speed. The BLV-R motors are also predestined for use in conveyor belts with a wide speed control range as well as in surveillance cameras that are to perform low-noise movements.

The brushless DC motors enable smooth starting and stopping over the entire speed range from 1 to 4,000 rpm. This allows an AGV to avoid other vehicles or objects, for example, without affecting the load. The high resolution of 0.01° also allows precise positioning - for example for stopping an AGV at a defined stopping position with pinpoint accuracy.

Oriental Motor also manufactures the new sizes of the BLV-R Series with spur gear or flat gear as well as in a version without gear and with round shaft. The 60 W motors are additionally available in a version with the newly developed CS gear, which has a centred shaft. The motors with flat gear contribute significantly to space savings, as they are mounted without connecting parts. The driver, which is available separately, is also very compact with dimensions of 65 x 75 x 29 mm and weighs only 120 g. It is compatible with CANopen and Modbus (RTU) interfaces, which offer users several advantages: For example, the position data of several axes can be sent simultaneously to a programmable controller via Modbus. This significantly reduces the delay in transmission.

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