Frequency converters

Halve energy costs

Halve energy costs

Halve energy costs

In the light of the megatrends of energy saving and sustainability, every plant operator must think about how to reduce their energy requirements. If the motors used are uncontrolled, they always run at 100 % power, even if only half is needed. To counter this waste of energy, it is not necessary to replace the entire machine park. Motors operated on the mains today can be easily retrofitted with a frequency converter.

The motor-mounted approach from Kostal is based on a sophisticated adaptation concept: The is mounted directly on the motors via a suitable adapter plate without having to lay cables. Kostal frequency inverters control all motor ratings, regardless of manufacturer, efficiency class or motor technology. This means that even if the system is modernized in the future, the Inveor frequency inverter can still be used. "Where there's room for the motor, there's room for ours, and the plant can continue to run very quickly. The operator does not have to worry about major downtime," says Marcus Gradilone, marketing manager at Kostal Drives Technology.

Using Kostal's "Selfcom" function, the inverter automatically detects the motor without the need for time-consuming parameterization. Kostal also provides support with comprehensive expert advice on device selection, application and commissioning. Gradilone: "Our customers benefit from our more than 25 years of experience in the development of frequency inverters for industry. The customer tells us the key data of his plant, and we calculate the savings potential."

The investment pays off

Operation with inverters is much more efficient than operation on the grid; the energy required can be significantly reduced or halved. Kostal has illustrated this in an exemplary load scenario*. According to this, loss costs of up to € 1,300 can be saved in one year, depending on the type of motor used. If the motor runs more than the assumed 20 hours per week at partial load, the savings potential increases accordingly. The payback period is less than one year, and government subsidies for sustainable retrofitting may also be available in Germany. "The energy input can therefore be adapted to the actual demand with our motor-mounted frequency converters," says Marcus Gradilone. "No energy is wasted unnecessarily, and CO2 emissions in production are also reduced. In times of climate-neutral production, this is not an insignificant factor."

The advantages at a glance

  • Motor mounted concept
  • No control cabinets necessary
  • Shielded motor cables can be omitted
  • Space-saving design
  • Retrofitting in the field possible
  • No additional cooling required
  • Significant energy savings
  • Better CO2 footprint
  • Payback < 1 year