Lubrication of rolling bearings more efficient and sustainable

Lubrication of rolling bearings more efficient and sustainable

Lubrication of rolling bearings more efficient and sustainable

Up to 80 % of all premature bearing failures are caused by improper lubrication. This is precisely where Schaeffler's Grease App comes in, determining the ideal lubricant type, lubricant quantity, grease operating life, and relubrication intervals for the initial and relubrication of rolling bearings by the customer. For the calculations, the software uses data from its own Bearinx rolling bearing calculation tool. This prevents over- or under-lubrication and avoids premature bearing failures..

In addition, the app provides guidance for selecting suitable lubricants from the Arcanol range. In conjunction with the automatic lubricators from the CONCEPT family, the intelligent OPTIME lubricators and the Arcanol lubricants, Schaeffler offers a perfectly matched system for sustainable lubrication of rolling bearings.

Grease app in the application

The app is offered free of charge both web-based and for download via the common app stores. After entering the operating conditions such as loads, speeds and environmental influences, the suitable Arcanol lubricants, the grease operating life, the relubrication interval and the lubricant quantity for initial and relubrication of the rolling bearings by the customer are calculated and displayed. The calculation of the appropriate lubricant quantity takes into account the respective rolling bearing specifications. For example, different internal geometries of the rolling bearings are taken into account. The app also provides visual and text-based information on how lubricators from Schaeffler's OPTIME and CONCEPT series should be optimally set.

Arcanol lubricants have proven their worth in rolling bearing and linear applications for decades. They undergo extensive suitability testing and are fine-tuned for optimum performance in application-related trials. The result is improved grease operating life and optimum rolling bearing life. The Arcanol portfolio currently includes lubricants for multipurpose, high load, high temperature and special applications.

Arcanol lubricants are part of the Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions portfolio, which offers a comprehensive range of products, services and solutions for industrial maintenance and is designed to support maintenance personnel throughout the entire life of a machine.