Linear axis

Linear technology for the medium load range

Linear technology for the medium load range

RK Rose+Krieger has added a completely corrosion-protected version in the widely used size 80 to its series of RK MonoLine belt-driven linear actuators. They are specially designed for automation solutions in areas where ambient or production conditions cause condensation and dripping water to form.

The compact linear units in the RK MonoLine range offer a high power/weight ratio and excellent value for money. They are engineered specifically for highly dynamic, accurate repetition of pick & place, palletising and loading and unloading operations in the medium load range, combining high rigidity with smooth running performance, a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm and maximum acceleration of 20 m/s².

All-round protection against corrosion

For the new corrosion-protected RK MonoLine Z80, RK Rose+Krieger has replaced all parts that are made of steel in the standard version with stainless steel components. Corrosion-resistant material is also used for the toothed belt. In the corrosion-protected actuator version, the belt comprises polyurethane with stainless steel cord (HTD 8M RF LL). In addition, for vertical use of the actuator, prefabricated drain holes are provided in the pulley box, which can be opened by the customer as and when required to drain off any condensation. Typical applications of the corrosion-protected RK MonoLine are automated extraction systems for injection moulding and compression moulding machines, where water mist, condensation and downstream dripping water are to be expected.

Numerous practical features

Like all actuators in the RK MonoLine Z series, the new corrosion-protected linear unit also has a variable mounting concept for almost all motors on the market. This means that specifying the motor position when ordering is no longer imperative, as it can also be adapted to the current situation when required. The optional clamping and slot stone bars reduce the amount of engineering required and make for easier customisation. Profile slots enable maximum flexibility for fastening customer-specific accessories, such as drag chains and tubing holders, as well as limit or proximity switches for limit switching. The load is fixed securely using the slot stones with tapped holes, which are available as accessories. For users this means less construction work, reduced installation costs and faster assembly.

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