Lean solutions workshops from RK Rose+Krieger

Reducing or eliminating waste, reducing delivery times, and increasing productivity – all of this can be achieved by implementing RK Rose+Krieger ergonomic lean (assembly) workstations. Then, if employees could also help to design their new workstation as part of a lean solutions workshop, companies additionally benefit from real, tried-and-tested workstation systems as well as highly motivated employees.

RK Rose+Krieger specialises in height-adjustable (assembly) workstations designed according to ergonomic criteria. Now, with a unique product selection of linear, profile assembly, connecting and modular technology, the one-stop supplier offers one-day lean solutions workshops in which the customer's employees participate in workstation development.

In the workshops, which take place at the customer's premises, RK Rose+Krieger analyses the production and logistics at the current workstation together with the employees concerned with regard to processing times, ergonomics and waste as well as material flow and load carrier dimensioning. The team then develops a concept for the future lean workstation and implements it as a 1:1 scale model made of wood and cardboard. RK Rose+Krieger provides the materials for the workshop. At the so-called cardboard workstation, employees can produce and keep improving it until everyone is happy with it. This creates a one-piece-flow workstation that has successfully passed the practical test.

“Companies often shy away from investing in new lean workstations because they cannot assess whether they will actually benefit from it. Our workshops don’t just incorporate employees’ practical experiences into the workstation design. The workstations are then also put through their paces, bringing their potentials to the fore. The advantages for the entrepreneur are there in black and white”, explains Jérôme Kemker, Lean consultant at RK Rose+Krieger.

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