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Two speed marine engine

Two speed marine engine

Menzel Elektromotoren has manufactured a marine motor as a propeller drive with two windings for different speeds for a mineral oil company.

The three-phase squirrel cage motor type MEBKSW630-8/10 has passed the Lloyd's Register ship acceptance. The modular series offers IP55 protection and IC 81W (air-to-water heat exchanger) cooling as standard, allowing flexible, cost-effective customization while maintaining a mature, proven design. The marine engine was manufactured in vertical design. The customer attached importance to smooth commissioning through interchangeability with the predecessor motor.

With a rated voltage of 6000 V, the 8- and 10-pole rotor windings are designed for rated outputs of 2000 kW and 800 kW, respectively, and speeds of 895 min-1 and 713 min-1, respectively. The size 500 squirrel-cage motor has a weight of 12.5 t. The motor series is also characterized by high power density, high efficiency, high overload capacity and durable bearing designs. For maritime and petrochemical applications, Menzel also offers explosion-proof motor designs and motors with higher IP protection classes.


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