Energy chains

Two talents on the long distance

Two talents on the long distance

The heavy duty energy chains TKHD85-R and TKHD90-R with integrated rollers from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp are convincing wherever large cable packages have to be guided stably over long distances. Available in two sizes, the cable drag chains can be flexibly adapted to the available installation space.

Whenever the working conditions are rough and the travel distances are long, the TKHD-R series from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp provides the right cable carrier. The heavy-duty energy chains are very robust, extremely durable and require a minimum of maintenance. With these properties, the flexible multi-talents have not only secured a regular place in ship-to-shore (STS) cranes, but also perform very well in coal loading plants and bulk material handling, among other applications.

The smaller TKHD85-R version with an internal height of 58 mm is always a good alternative to the large TKHD90-R when installation space is tight and the routed cables and hoses need less room. Despite the reduced dimensions and weight, the user has all the advantages of the TKHD-R series at his disposal. These include the robust design, the dirt-resistant outer contour and the quiet operation thanks to integrated noise damping. The pitch of 85 or 90 mm and the polygonally optimised outer contour also result in the particularly quiet running of the cable drag chains. Thanks to the simple installation, very long travels can also be realised with the TKHD-R series - gliding or unsupported, in new buildings as well as in retrofits.

Energy supply system with rollers saves energy

The R in the type designation stands for the rollers integrated in the cable carrier. These not only prevent undesired elongation during long travels, but also improve energy efficiency. Compared to a gliding cable carrier, the rolling versions from Tsubaki Kabelschlepp require up to 90 percent less power and save drive power and energy accordingly. The installed stainless steel ball bearings minimise wear and guarantee maintenance-free operation. Even at high travel speeds, the cable carrier runs smoothly and with low vibration. This not only protects the cables, but also the guide itself.

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