A service tool with added value

With its newly developed RKX software, RK Rose+Krieger now makes it easier for users of the MultiControl II drive controller to configure individual control profiles. Instead of using hand switches, the system can now be operated conveniently and much quicker from a PC.

With this software, RK Rose+Krieger has created a service tool that provides customers with considerable added value. What’s behind it? The actual heart of the MultiControl II controller is the menu structure with its many individual setting options – including, for example, drive group management, relative and absolute positioning, integrated collision detection and much more. Previously, the user could only adjust these settings using the 6-key hand switch with graphic screen. The new software makes this easier and faster – thanks to the clear design of the operating interface and specific assistance such as explanatory videos, among other things.

The software is configured according to individual requirements. Customers can make additional settings independently and save them as profiles. They can be called up at any time and no longer have to be entered manually at each controller, minimising a potential source of error.

This software has two distinct advantages over comparable solutions. Firstly, it displays motor currents and other operating parameters in real time – even in bus systems with up to 32 drives. Irregularities in the system can therefore be detected and eliminated at an early stage. Time-consuming measurement work, such as connecting current measuring cells to each drive, can thus be significantly reduced. Even more convenience is offered by the possibility of having service calls carried out digitally by RK service personnel – depending on internet availability and regulations in the facility.

Secondly, the software allows service and error histories to be read out and exported. This allows the customer to identify and eliminate long-term problems, which will extend the lifetime of their overall system.

Picture: RK Rose+Krieger

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