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Protected all around

Protected all around

Protected all around

Protected all around

Renewable energies are the future, and more and more electricity is being generated with solar energy or wind power. To protect cables in the outdoor areas of wind energy and solar plants, Fränkische Industrial Pipes (FIP) supplies high-quality cable protection products that defy all weather conditions. The protective products from the FIPSYSTEMS range withstand high mechanical loads, rodent bites, salt water and UV radiation. The two-part FIPSPLIT tubes simply and reliably retrofit existing cable harnesses with the appropriate protection.

Wind and sun are already important sources for power generation in Germany, for more climate protection and an independent energy supply. According to resolutions of the German government, 40 to 45 percent of the electricity required is to be generated via renewable energies by 2025, and green electricity is to account for 80 percent by 2030.

Cable protection for extreme conditions

To achieve this goal, the German government plans to further expand energy generation via wind turbines as well as photovoltaic systems. These are often exposed to extreme conditions: UV radiation, abrasion, mechanical stress, salt water as well as rodent bites and insect infestation take their toll on outdoor cables and wires.

Cable damage due to weather and continuous stress is often the reason for unplanned outages and expensive repairs to equipment. "This is where our high-quality FIPSYSTEMS cable protection products provide a remedy: they extend cable service life and maintenance intervals, reduce damage and malfunctions, or prevent them altogether," says René Hofmann, product manager for industrial applications at FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes.

FIPSYSTEMS: high-quality protection for sensitive cables

Cable protection products from the FIPSYSTEMS range are ideally suited to renewable energy systems: The robust yet flexible protection products reliably protect the sensitive lines and cables of wind power and photovoltaic systems. They meet the highest fire protection requirements and are resistant to corrosion as well as abrasion. The high-quality FIPSYSTEMS products are UV and weather resistant for up to 40 years. Matching accessories in the form of brackets and fittings are also available.

FIPLOCK standard corrugated tubes for high cable protection requirements

The durable cable protection products in the FIPLOCK product line cover applications that require high resistance to UV radiation, abrasion, salt water and mechanical influences. The flexible and weather-resistant standard corrugated tubes also have excellent fire protection properties: they are halogen- and cadmium-free, self-extinguishing and do not spread fire. The UV-stabilized corrugated tube FIPLOCK FPPS-U, which also has very good chemical resistance, is particularly suitable for outdoor applications in photovoltaics.

Best mechanical properties even at low temperatures and dryness as well as a particularly high chemical resistance characterize the corrugated tube FIPLOCK FPDS. FIPLOCK HPDS meets high requirements for cable protection even under adverse environmental conditions. Thanks to the increased wall thickness, the high mechanical strength of the protection tube made of specially formulated polyamide 12 is maintained even in cold conditions.

The FIPLOCK ONE corrugated pipe connectors reliably connect FIPLOCK corrugated pipes with fine and coarse profiles in nominal sizes 7 to 48. In the process, the pre-installed seal in the fitting body provides a secure connection - for any application in IP protection classes from 66 to 69.

FIPSPLIT: subsequent installation with separable corrugated tubes

With the help of the reclosable FIPSPLIT solutions, cable protection on wind energy and photovoltaic systems can also be easily installed at a later date. The closable double tube overlaps, effectively enclosing inserted cables and wires and protecting them from external influences. FIPSPLIT can be installed and removed quickly and thus cost-effectively - also and above all during maintenance work. The likewise separable, precision-fit glands and locknuts ensure professional installation on connection housings or device walls.

The two-part corrugated conduits FIPSPLIT 2PPS-U and FIPSPLIT 2PDS also accommodate ready-assembled cable harnesses with mounted connectors. The retrofittable protective products are also particularly resistant to weathering and UV radiation.

No matter what the sun is doing or how the wind is blowing, FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes protects cables and wires in renewable energy systems - even in retrofit applications. The large number of product variants in the FIPSYSTEMS cable protection program makes it possible to use them precisely for a wide variety of requirements. This guarantees long and trouble-free operating times.

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