SPN – Gearbox solutions for automation and industrial robotics

SPN Schwaben Präzision is the technology-independent drive designer with its own high-performance production. With current technology and pronounced innovative strength, SPN is able to set decisive impulses towards the future: in terms of more quality, more flexibility, but above all more productivity.

Short cycle times, robust technology, wear-free surfaces and compact designs have always been relevant for automation and robotics solutions. This year's Automatica trend topics include "Sustainable Production" and "Digitalization and AI".  SPN has the expertise and production technologies to design these extensive requirements for gearbox technology in the most space-saving way possible and exactly to the customers' needs. The selection of the right gearbox size, the optimal bearing of the axles and the lubrication and sealing system have a high impact on the efficiency of the drives. SPN has the ability to draw on a wealth of experience and expertise that is independent of technology. With the high integration of the drives, weight can be saved in addition to installation space, resulting in better efficiency of the overall system.

Application areas in difficult environmental conditions such as clean room requirements, low humidity or corrosion and acid resistance in battery or fuel cell production are taken into account in the design of SPN's customized gear units.

Gearbox exhibits for automation

At this year's Automatica, SPN will be showing various gearbox solutions from the fields of robotics and automation. The solutions have been compiled in a newly designed industry flyer including a landing page and supplemented with information for field test monitoring with SPN-Drive Monitoring. You can also expect some technical insights into gear technology. Especially for the robotics sector, SPN will show the audience the advantages in terms of backlash, stiffness and individual installation space optimizations offered by the gear and drive solutions. 

This year's main exhibit is the SPN swiveling hand axis. The kinematics of the manual axis correspond to those of axes 5 (swivel) and 6 (rotate) on an articulated robot. The trade fair exhibit is supplemented by components from SPN Drive Monitoring and shows the monitoring of field tests with the SPN Drive Monitoring Systems including the evaluation of the measurement data presented in a dashboard. SPN thus showcases its expertise in the development of customer-specific gearboxes, the monitoring of field tests and their evaluation, as well as series delivery in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Digital support and evaluation of field testing results in faster and more comprehensive information on field test and series durability of drives, making the most resource-efficient development process possible. The SPN Drive Monitoring System can also be used to analyze real-world load data in a powertrain prior to transmission development. With the real load data, the gearbox size can be matched even more precisely to the application, resulting in cost and resource savings.

Another sustainable solution from SPN Schwaben Präzision is the SPN swivel unit presented. This replaces a pneumatic swivel unit in the automotive industry for clamping, gripping and transferring components. The electromechanical drive not only offers a wider range of functions, it also saves the process air and process energy needed to operate the equipment. Replacing pneumatic drives with SPN electromechanical drives can make a significant contribution to reducing the process energy required.

SPN Schwaben Präzision's passion is to always give its best and to constantly expand its know-how. In order to always be one step ahead, the drive designers continuously carry on sponsoring the TU fast eco team ( of the Technical University in Munich. SPN supports the team with gear technology components and expert knowledge of drive and transmission technologies. Stop by the booth and take a look at one of the vehicles from previous years, with which the team has already won several competitions for the most efficient locomotion. SPN is pleased to successfully support the TU fast eco team and contribute to the research of sustainable transportation.

SPN expertise for customized drive solutions

The basis for both technically powerful and economically efficient implementation at SPN Schwaben Präzision is access to a wide range of proven system components.

Building on this, SPN Schwaben Präzision is able to combine proven quality with a long service life and keep time and cost expenditure within limits.

The proven expertise in gearing and in gear design is cross-industry and offers customers the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge SPN gains from its development work for other industries.

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