Rollon + Nadella: Stronger. Together.

By combining linear motions it is possible to implement reliable, flexible and cost-effective automation concepts. How this works in practice will be demonstrated by Rollon and Nadella from June 27-30 at automatica 2023 in Munich. The focus will be on system solutions for intelligent automation and robotics.

Rollon and Nadella stand for innovative linear technology, smart system solutions, the highest product quality and absolute customer orientation. At automatica 2023, the two companies of the Timken Group will join forces for the first time to exhibit their high level of competence in providing solutions for industrial motion technology: Under the motto “Stronger. Together” they will present their extensive line of products for automated processes.

Nadella's addition to the Rollon and Timken family will enhance and expand the spectrum of Rollon linear technology products. Both companies manufacture products for highly complementary end market sectors such as robotics, automation, logistics, medical technology, food and beverages, and packaging; all customers will benefit from the expanded range of products and services offered and the strength of the combined companies.

Automation with multi-axis systems

Visitors to the trade fair can learn, for example, about the advantages of linear actuators and multi-axis solutions for automation. Especially in the case of higher requirements for dynamics, range, load-carrying capacity and/or installation space, they are the preferred choice. Whether a standard product or custom solution is preferred: The company’s in-depth expertise and efficient production processes enable the timely production of Cartesian systems, as well as comprehensive service on the basis of customer requirements. A gantry system will be set up for demonstration purposes in Munich. Highly efficient multi-axis systems are based on linear actuators. The new telescopic linear axis system TLS allows even better integration of the actuators in confined installation situations. The 2- and 3-stage systems with combined rack-and-pinion and synchronous belt drive allow large strokes of up to 3,000 mm even in the case of limited floor to ceiling heights (vertical installation) or limited sideways installation space (horizontal installation), thus significantly expanding the automation spectrum. Heavy loads of up to 450 kg are possible.

Actuators for robots and cobots

When it comes to 7th axes for robots, the solutions from Rollon and Nadella are ideal. The transfer units move heavy loads over long distances in a highly dynamic and absolutely reliable process. Especially for the lightweight robots from Universal Robots the company developed the Cobot Transfer Unit (CTU). Offered as a bundle consisting of an actuator, control unit and software, the unit was specially designed for cooperation with the popular cobots manufactured in Denmark. The user-friendly plug & play solution for fast UR integration is UR+ certified, individually configurable and easy to operate. For industrial robots, a broad range of different drive and guide systems are available, as well as safety devices, for virtually all requirements and ambient conditions – from highly dynamic and flexible to very clean and hygienic, as well as extremely robust. Systems with rollers provide optimal protection against dirt and external influences, and achieve outstanding results with respect to improved efficiency, reliable supply, optimal availability and maximum precision.

Linear technology and digitization

The intelligent iAXNR circular module will also be presented at the trade fair as an innovative solution that combines linear technology with sensors for monitoring vibrations and temperatures. This data is processed locally by an edge computing system. Collection and analysis of the sensor data can help to identify areas where there is potential for improved performance and optimization of production processes. These and other digital solutions, as well as intelligent networked systems are offered in cooperation with Retuner.

In Munich, the two companies will also showcase further solutions from their product portfolios, such as rod ends, spherical plain bearings and precision ball screws.

Photos: 01+02 Rollon GmbH, 03+04 Nadella GmbH