Power supply modules

For motion and robotics applications

For motion and robotics applications

The MX system is Beckhoff's answer to the question of the machine without control cabinet. By plugging function modules onto a backplane system, a water- and dust-tight composite of metal housings is created that is suitable for the automation of a wide variety of manufacturing/production solutions. Part of these systems are often 48 V motion components, for which the MX system portfolio now offers four variants of a 48 V / 40 A power supply.

In accordance with the basic principle of the MX system, the new 48 V power supply units are plugged onto a baseplate and supplied with the primary voltage via the standardised system interface, without manual wiring. This can be either the 3-phase mains voltage or the 600 V DC voltage of the drive system. Via the second MX system interface, the power supply units - like all MX system function modules - become participants in the EtherCAT network. This data interface also offers the possibility of feeding the 48 V voltage into the baseplate. There, the 48 V DC as well as the 24 V DC can be used by the corresponding function modules.

The most common applications for the new power supply modules are motion applications. Here, the MX system portfolio already offers function modules that provide 48 V as power voltage for servo drives and stepper motors. Corresponding power supply units with 10 A and 20 A output current were announced with the market launch of the MX system. While these modules feed exclusively into the backplane, the new 40 A variants are designed in such a way that, in addition, 48 V DC devices can be connected directly via connectors on the front of the function module. The following power supply unit versions are available: 

  • a module version with M12 connectors for connecting a total of six decentralised servo drives AMI8100,
  • a version with two B23 connectors for connecting feed-in segments of the XTS transport system,
  • a power supply module for connecting a base module of the modular industrial robot ATRO,
  • a power supply unit variant without connectors for direct line connection, which exclusively feeds into the backplane.

In accordance with the normative requirements, measures for the protection of the lines and cables are integrated in the power supply units for each output-side slot. Several power supply units can also be plugged onto a baseplate and operated in parallel, e.g. to compensate for peak loads at the outputs. Via the front connectors, not only the power supply of the external devices is possible, but also the direct connection to the EtherCAT network. Another special feature is the ability of the power supply units to feed the regenerative energy generated, for example, when braking servo motors, directly back into the machine's supply network. This eliminates the need for additional external braking resistors. Like all MX system modules, the new power supply units also support the Beckhoff Service App for convenient hardware diagnostics.

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