Thin-section bearings

For "micromobility"

For "micromobility"

The market for micromobility – which includes e-bikes, e-scooters and cargo bikes – is expected to grow rapidly by 2030. NSK can contribute to this – with thin-section bearings that are tailored to such applications.

According to a study by the market research company The Brainy Insights, published in August 2022, the global market for micromobility will reach a volume of 190.3 billion euros by 2030. This corresponds to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of an impressive 17.45% over the next eight years.

Above all, the strong demand for e-bikes and the recovery of international tourism after the pandemic are boosting the market development of micromobility, as is the trend towards bicycle-friendly cities and "smart cities". The expected growth is so great that a number of large automotive suppliers have already discovered this market for themselves and developed e-bike drives, for example.

The manufacturers of both the e-drives and the corresponding vehicles are dependent on experienced technology partners who are able to develop high-quality and reliable supplier parts and deliver them worldwide.

This also and especially applies to rolling bearings, which have to meet special requirements in electric mobility applications, as the example of e-bikes shows. They are compactly built, but often weigh over 100 kg with the rider and have to withstand the high forces exerted by the rider, the drive train and the road conditions. This results in the development goal of high strength with minimised frictional torque. Above all, however, the dimensions of the bearings must be very compact, especially as far as the overall width is concerned. This is because there must be room for both the e-motor and a gearbox in the bottom bracket or the drive train.

The OEM can meet this requirement profile with NSK's proven thin-section bearings. The range includes a wide range of standard bearings and also customised thin-section bearings. What they all have in common is that they can withstand high loads and transmit high torques – with very compact dimensions.

NSK thin-section bearings are equipped with highly effective seals that prevent the ingress of moisture and dirt stirred up during driving. Their smooth-running properties and low friction increase driving comfort and minimise noise.

The special strength of NSK thin-section bearings – despite their almost filigree construction – is due to various design features. Special bearing materials and heat treatment processes prevent deformation under load. This also applies to particularly demanding applications such as e-mountain bikes, whose bearings are subjected to heavy loads during off-road riding and must allow for effective torque transmission without friction loss.

With these properties, thin-section bearings from NSK contribute to the design of compact, lightweight and also smooth-running drives in typical micromobility applications. The bearings ensure optimum torque transmission and can also be used in high speed ranges.