Ball bearing slewing rings

Technology on the catwalk

Technology on the catwalk

Ball slewing rings from Rodriguez also prove themselves in many rather unusual applications: For example, the robust bearings are used in a giga-rotator from the Danish manufacturer Wahlberg, which provided a spectacular ambience at a Hermès catwalk show, among other things.

Rodriguez has been supplying slewing rings to Denmark for several years now - specifically, they are versions with internal gearing in the dimensions 486 x 326.5 x 56 mm. They are installed in a so-called Giga-Rotator, which makes it possible to turn large and heavy objects mounted downwards. It rotates large props, lamps, curtains, projector screens and the like on the stage sphere with a maximum load of 1000 kg. A particularly spectacular use case was the Hermès Women's Autumn-Winter 2021 catwalk show, which took place in New York, Paris and Shanghai: Here, Wahlberg's rotators provided the appropriate backdrop for exclusive fashion.

Rodriguez's ball bearing slewing rings allow for precise and reliable rotation in this specialised piece of equipment. "Wahlberg Motion Design is a creative company involved in the development, design and production of special technical solutions in the field of stage technology," says Mads Wahlberg, CEO of Wahlberg Motion Design. "We are happy to have found a suitable partner in Rodriguez, who meets our high requirements."

With the ball bearing slewing rings from Rodriguez, designers can develop completely new ideas and approaches to solutions thanks to new design concepts and improved manufacturing processes. The components are extremely easy to assemble and particularly suitable for high-precision applications - for example in the aerospace industry or in special machine construction. Rodriguez also supplies customised ball bearing slewing rings for special applications or develops customised system solutions (VAP) based on the standard components.